Leaf & Limb

Leaf & Limb Services

The Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department provides pick-up of leaf and limbs to all residents in Athens-Clarke County. By diverting and mulching leaf and limb material, we are meeting the requirements set forth by the state in 1996, which state that no yard waste may be disposed of in landfills, thereby saving valuable space. Athens-Clarke County began this program in 1994. 

​Residents are required to use paper lawn refuse bags for all grass clippings, pine straw, small brush, and leaves. No plastic bags will be accepted. Paper lawn refuse bags are available in the Home and Garden section of local retail stores.

Leaf and Limb Bag

Click on "View Larger Map" button in the top right hand corner or on the link below the map. Once the map is enlarged, click on the "Help Button" (looks like a magnifying glass) and then type your address into the text box.  A red pinpoint will appear on the map that indicates your new Leaf and Limb Area.


​July 31 - Aug. 4:   Area B

​Aug. 7 - 11:  Area C

​Aug. 14 - 18:  Area D

​Aug. 21 - 25:   Area E

​Aug. 28 - Sept. 1:  Area F


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