Annual Pass Information

Annual Permits

Permits are valid for twelve months, and provide unlimited admission to Sandy Creek Park for two adults and all children under eighteen years of age living in the household.

Permit Fees:
$30.00 ACC Resident Household
$50.00 Non ACC Resident Household

Residency requirements:
Proof of residency will be required for ACC households. The following items are accepted as proof of residency:

  • Current drivers license
  • Current utility bill with applicant's name on it
  • Current rental lease with address listed
  • Current Housing Authority or Section 8 documentation

Applications can be downloaded or picked up at the Sandy Creek Park gatehouse.

Disc Golf Punch Cards

We are no longer offering an annual Disc Golf Permit. Instead, we now have a disc golf punch card. For $10, you can get a punch card with 12 rounds of disc golf. $2 park admission still applies.

Dog Park Punch Cards

Sandy Creek Park dog park punch cards are available at the gatehouse. Cost is $10.00 for 12 private dog park hours.

Horse Permit

Annual horse permits are available for $10 per horse for ACC resident and $15 per horse Non ACC resident. Please visit the gatehouse for an annual horse permit application.

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