Water Reclamation Facility Supervisors

Our water reclamation facility supervisors ensure that the water you send down the drain is properly cleaned and safely returned to our local waterways. Not only do they help protect our environment in Athens-Clarke County, but their work also helps safeguard the quality of water sources for communities downstream from us. The responsibility is huge – our three complex, state-of-the art facilities operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are capable of treating a total of up to 28 million gallons of wastewater a day!

Our supervisors have a thorough knowledge all federal, state, and local wastewater treatment standards, regulations, and policies. Their technical skills extend from the ability to operate and maintain the wide variety of equipment used to performing standard chemical tests. They oversee all plant operations, monitor the treatment processes, and make adjustments as needed to consistently produce high quality reclaimed water. Under their watchful eyes, all processes run smoothly and meet or exceed environmental regulations. In addition to supervising the technical operations, they also are responsible for staff management. As skilled administrative managers, they ensure proper training, appropriate work assignments, and efficient work shift schedules.

Our water reclamation facility supervisors are essential to providing the sanitation services that are critical to a safe and healthy quality of life for our community. They are, indeed, unsung heroes!

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