Inventory Control Technician

Collecting and treating up to 28 million gallons of wastewater a day is a complex process that requires continuous maintenance and repair work. Our inventory control technicians, Kevin and Bruce, are responsible for ensuring that all necessary parts are on hand to quickly make repairs and keep our wastewater system running smoothly. Quick repairs can be critical - especially in the event of a sewage spill, which can contaminate the environment and impact the health of our citizens.

Kevin is responsible for the many components needed for sewer lines. Bruce focuses his efforts on equipment and supplies used in our water reclamation facilities. They inspect all incoming shipments for correct contents and price before moving the items into the warehouse by forklift. They keep the warehouse carefully organized, allowing for accurate tracking of stock locations and levels. When something is needed for heavy equipment repair or the water reclamation plants and pump stations, Kevin and Bruce quickly and efficiently disburse the parts.

Maintaining an essential supply of equipment and parts can be expensive. Kevin and Bruce work every day to locate the best prices to help keep costs low and wastewater treatment affordable for all of us who depend on wastewater services. Providing cost-conscious, dependable inventory control that is essential for reliable wastewater services and safeguarding our public health – Kevin and Bruce are unsung heroes!
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Bruce Perkins
North Oconee WRF
18 years with ACC

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