Environmental Sampler

Environmental samplers are one of Athens-Clarke County’s first lines of defense for protecting our environment from sewer overflows. These unsung heroes monitor sewer lines for leaks and locate illegal discharges or spills. They assist in conducting sewer line inspections, making sure the flow is adequate to locate potential clogs to prevent a sewer overflow before it occurs. They install and monitor sampling equipment at industrial sites, sewer lines, and streams – anywhere wastewater may spill and cause harm.

Not all wastewater is created the same. It can come from homes, businesses, and industries. Industrial wastewater may contain high concentrations of organic solids, nutrients, or chemicals. Some industries must pretreat their discharge prior to the wastewater entering our public sewer systems. Pretreatment protects our sewers and water reclamation facilities. Our environmental samplers take samples of the pretreated wastewater for analysis in our state of the art laboratory.

Our Environmental Samplers: Gary Puckett, Chris Navarro, Cheryl Shaw, and Kathy Stege

4 samplers photo 12-14

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