Field Customer Service Representative

To effectively handle the reclaiming of our waters, pipes must be maintained, facilities must be in working order, and staff must be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. All of this comes with an expense. They are charged with a difficult, but necessary, job. Our field customer service representatives assist with the collection of overdue payments. Everyone using the wastewater system contributes to the cost of the service. If customers do not pay their share, the burden of maintaining our wastewater services falls on those who do.

Water reclamation is more than a luxury. It is a necessity. The Public Utilities Department understands customers can fall on hard times. Our field customer service representatives are sensitive to the individual’s situation and work with delinquent accounts to maintain a pay agreement. If payment cannot be collected, the field representatives have no choice but to terminate services. To further minimize revenue losses, field reps locate homes receiving water services, but have not signed up for the utility.

Field reps are aware not everyone is happy to see them arrive at their door. But a visit from a representative can be for reasons other than to terminate service. Our representatives work to build relationships with customers. They alert customers to possible leaks in their home, saving the homeowner money and conserving water. They are available to answer questions regarding service policies, procedures, and charges for service.

Wastewater treatment is vital to the health and well-being of all who live in Athens-Clarke County. Our Field Customer Service Reps are a few of the unsung heroes who make it possible for the Public Utilities Department to reclaim, refresh, and return our waters.
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Esther Harris

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Tommy Tate

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