Stormwater in the News

Athens-Clarke County Connections 2/16/15

Athens-Clarke County's Solid Waste Department has a new downtown sidewalk scrubber. The machine keeps downtown sidewalks clean and bright while following federal stormwater regulations. The connection to stormwater does not end there: Athens-Clarke County Stormwater happily pays the operator's salary.
Sidewalk Scrubber

Online Athens 7/23/2014

Stormwater Staff worked on the scene of a portable toilet tanker accident off South Milledge to ensure the contents were cleaned up properly and did not pose a threat to water quality in Athens Clarke County. Full Article

Teens in Action Summer Campers Decal Storm Drains 7/8/2014

On Tuesday, July 8, nine Athens area teenagers set out in Cedar Creek Neighborhood to place decals on the neighborhood’s storm drains to raise awareness of water pollution. These teens are a part of Athens-Clarke County Leisure Service’s Teens in Action summer camp, a camp that promotes community involvement and provides fun volunteer activities for campers. Athens-Clarke County Stormwater staff taught the teens about stormwater runoff and water pollution before setting out with the teens to decal storm drains with plastic labels that state “No Dumping, Drains to Cedar Creek.” After trekking through the neighborhood, one teen stated “I never knew storm drains lead straight to streams. I bet more people would pick up their trash if they knew that water didn’t get cleaned before entering the stream.” 45 storm drains were decaled along Ponderosa Drive, Rollingwood Drive, Broomsedge Trail, Arbor View Drive, Sweet Gum Drive, and Spruce Valley Road.

Flagpole 2/17/2014

Transportation and Public Works director David Clark was named #2 on the Flagpole's Power Ranking for all the work that was put into ensuring our roads were safe during the February 12 ice storm.

Online Athens 2/15/2014

Athens-Clarke County manager, Alan Reddish, commends workers for their hard work during the February 12 ice storm and notes "When the snow and ice melted yesterday afternoon, the stormwater systems throughout the County handled the increased runoff with limited flooding. The major reason why is because of the increased maintenance of the stormwater system and roadside ditches that staff have completed with increased frequency over the past few years in part due to the additional resources made available with the Stormwater Utility." See the full article here!!!

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